room change

Room Change

Spring 2024 Room Change Period

The fall room change period begins January 31, 2024, at 12:00 PM and runs until February 28. All room change requests must be submitted through the student’s MyHousing portal. 


Beginning Your Request

On your MyHousing Portal, you may find the Room Change Request form under the “Applications & Appeals” menu on the left-hand side. Students should indicate if they have any building, room, or roommate/suitemate preference in the form.

A Room Change is when a student is seeking relocation to an existing vacancy while a Room Swap is two students mutually agreeing to swap their space with each other.


After Submitting Your Request

After reviewing the room change request, a member of the Residence Life or Housing Operations Staff will reach out to the student and will offer information on current availability, a meeting to discuss available rooming options or a meeting to discuss alternatives.

Students may be given up to two room options based on their eligibility and availability. We encourage students to reach out to the current residents to introduce themselves and potentially set up a time to meet.

Students will have 48 hours to decide if they accept or decline the room change offer. Following the 48-hour period, the room change offer will expire. 


Accepting The Room Change Offer

Once a student accepts a room change offer, they will receive instructions to begin relocation. Students are responsible for:

  1. Picking up their new room key at either the Raoul or Clairmont Service Center
  2. Relocating their belongings 
  3. Returning their old key to either the Raoul or Clairmont Service Center

Students must complete the room change process within 24 hours of picking up the new key. Any key not returned after relocating is considered lost and students will be responsible for the lock change cost.

Students should also review the Housing Rates associated with each space. Students are responsible for the difference in rate.


Declining The Room Change Offer

Once a student declines a room change offer, either by responding to the initial offer or through expiration, the building supervisor may continue to assist the student with their residential experience. Subsequent room change offers after the student declines the initial room offer are at the discretion of the building supervisor.

Room Change FAQ

Not all empty rooms are considered available vacancies for room changes.
While the room change process allows time for two students to meet before an offer is accepted, ultimately it is the student-initiated room change to decide whether they would like to accept the offer and move. The current occupant(s) must maintain the vacant space(s) in the room in a manner that will allow another student to move into the space immediately.
We ask students to complete relocation within 24 hours of picking up their new key to ensure sufficient spaces are available throughout the room change period.
If you complete the same room reservation application and then do a room-change, the reservation will not carry over to the new room and the initial room reservation is still active. Please email for more information regarding this process.