Housing Accomodations

Summer School housing residents will live on the Clairmont Campus. 


Summer School Sessions 


Program Dates




May 17 – June 4 

May 16

June 5

Summer Session I

May 17 - June 25

May 16

June 26

Summer Session II

June 28 - Aug 6

June 27

Aug 7

Summer School Housing Information

Summer Housing Applications for Summer Session I and Session II are now available. Please complete the application corresponding to the session(s) you are currently enrolled.


If you are enrolled in both Session I and II, you will need to complete both Session I and II application.


Alternatively, if you are enrolled for either Maymester, Session I, or II, but need housing during other sessions. Please complete the Summer Intern Housing Program application.


Please email housing@emory.edu if you are enrolled for Maymester and need access to the Maymester application.


For an application received prior to April 15th, you will receive an assignment made to "ATL TBA Hall" on your MyHousing page. This allows housing charges to be posted to your account and is your guarantee of a housing assignment.  Actual summer housing assignment with specific room number and roommate information will be posted to your account in early May.  


On the Clairmont Campus, summer school residents have two options for housing : Clairmont Residential Center (CRC) or the Undergraduate Residential Center (URC). 
For more information about these residence halls, please click the links below. 



Prior to moving into Clairmont – you will need a COVID-19 test 48-72 hours before check in.

Please upload a copy to your EUSHS portal