Housing Application

Housing Application opens on October 12, 2022, for those returning to the Atlanta campus for the spring 2023 semester who currently do not have a housing assignment on-campus.
Third/fourth year & Oxford graduate housing is not guaranteed, and they are not required to live on campus.
If you sign an on-campus housing application, you can cancel without penalty before receiving a housing assignment. The housing Agreement becomes binding when the housing office assigns you to, as a result of a completed housing application on file, you are bound to the terms of the housing agreement. There are financial penalties for requesting to be released from your housing agreement.

Log into the MyHousing Portal on October 12th, 2022 to complete the application.

Assignment Process

Completing the housing application lets our office know that you would like to live on campus. Our staff makes assignments based on space availability and information on your application. Students will receive notification from the housing office in December regarding the housing assignment update for spring 2023.

Do you know someone who currently lives on campus and is graduating in December or studying abroad in the spring? Are you interested in their space? You can indicate this directly on your application by filling in the student's name or assignment.

Roommate Matching

A roommate matching question will be available in the Housing Application if you request a specific roommate.

Roommate matching requests are subject to the availability of spaces and are not guaranteed.


If you receive a housing assignment, the move-in date is Sunday, January 8th.


Note: This process applies only to students who are not currently assigned to on-campus housing.

*More information coming soon.