Are you looking for a close-knit, inclusive community where everyone knows each other? A fun group of people who enjoy similar activities and events? A place where faculty, staff and students come together around common interests?

Have you considered living in theme housing?

The Offices of Residence Life & Housing provides students with a unique on-campus living opportunity through Theme Housing.

Theme Housing consists of intentionally designed living experiences centered around a variety of academic, cultural, organizational, and personal interests. Theme Housing at Emory is another way students can be involved in living and learning in a residential environment.

In order to participate in theme housing, you must apply to one of our current themes listed below. 

At this time, if you are interested in Theme Housing, please email for additional information and availability. 


The Emory Bayit House (764 Peavine Creek Rd) provides its residents with more than a Jewish experience - it fosters a dynamic student-led environment that allows Jewish students to practice Kashrut, Shabbat, holidays, and other customs with ease while fostering a warm community committed to a pluralistic Jewish lifestyle. For the upcoming academic year, the house is open to all students interested in living at Emory Bayit. 

In August 2023, the current residents have set the following house rules for the 2023-2024 acadmic year:

  • The red pots and pans in the kitchen are for Kashrut cooking only, and labeled items in the kitchen, such as the assigned sink, are Kosher only. The kitchen has two microwaves, one for Kosher and non-Kosher foods. 
  • The fridge is open to all, and residents are not obligated or required to practice Kashrut.
  • No electronics in the living room during Shabbat.
  • All residents are responsible for educating their guests on the house rules.
  • Guests may use the first-floor bathroom or the assigned gendered bathroom. 

All residents must attend house meetings to ask questions, discuss concerns, and find a compromise to satisfy all lifestyles.


Who Can Apply? Spaces in Emory Bayit are open to all rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

How to Apply: At this time, if you are interested in living in the Bayit House, please email


The Black Student Alliance House, located at 22 Eagle Row, provides residents, and the greater community, the opportunity to create a space where the Black community thrives and expands. The community fosters and uplifts the Black community as well as challenges residents’ understanding of Blackness. The goal of the entire space is to provide safe haven to Black identifying students and be thoroughly dedicated to supporting them.

The Black Student Alliance is an organization founded on the mission of devotion, service, and uplift to the black community at Emory University. In 1968, the students founded the Black Student Alliance of Emory University. In the midst of the turmoil, the black students of Emory decided to come together to create a safe and secure environment to express their views and foster open conversation. Since then, The Black Student Alliance's focus has expanded. It exists to encourage diversity, advancement and leadership, as well as provide programs that educate and strengthen the black community. No matter what race, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation, you will always find a home within Emory's Black Student Alliance.

Mission Statement: We, the Black students attending Emory University, in order to maintain an Afrocentric identity for the cohesiveness on Emory University campus;  promote the awareness of a conscious and diverse Black community; to educate on and celebrate Black culture and heritage from all parts of the Black Diaspora; and to serve as a forum for the study and elevation of Afrocentric ideas and goals do hereby establish this Constitution of the Black Student Alliance of Emory University.

The BSA House serves as an extension of the Black Student Alliance’s mission of devotion, service, and uplift to the black community at Emory. The Emory Black Student Alliance is honored to have the ability to provide this residential opportunity to our community. Through all kinds of fellowship, food, and events - hosted by us and the other Black student organizations - we, collectively, hope to continue the work to strengthen the community, build to self-sufficiency, and educate each other.

Who Can Apply? Spaces in the BSA House are open to all rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors. All students dedicated to doing intellectual work in the name of freedom and Blackness are encouraged to apply. We encourage students from all backgrounds to apply, while stressing the formative experience that we believe residency can have on Black identifying students. We further encourage applicants to make sure that they are dedicated to the mission of the House (and the organization) and commit themselves to participating fully in the living-learning experience.

How to Apply: At this time, if you are interested in living in the BSA House, please email


Casa Émory, the Spanish and Portuguese House, is located at 746 Peavine Creek. Its residents commit to speaking Spanish and/or Portuguese in their daily life and in common spaces in the house, and they work with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese to organize and host activities for other speakers and students on campus.

For more information about Casa Émory email Casa Emory Coordinator, Professor Katherine Ostrom (

Who Can Apply? Spaces in Casa Émory are open to all rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

How to Apply: At this time, if you are interested in living in Casa Émory, please email

Clifton Tower

Are you interested in living with a group of like-minded students andworking together on a project or theme of mutual interest? Are you excitedabout building strong relationships with faculty and other mentors? Wouldyou like to share your project with fellow students and the Emorycommunity? Then check out the Clifton Communities, a new Office ofResidence, Sorority, and Fraternity Life initiative for 2024-2025!

Please click here for information! 

Who Can Apply? Rising Atlanta campus sophomores, and juniors who are Oxford graduates, are eligible to live in Clifton Tower and are invited to propose Clifton Communities.

How to Apply? More information will be provided during the 2024-25 academic year. 

If interested please email Gina Savedra, Complex Director,, with any questions.

The Empowering First Community aims to provide an intentional residential and learning experience for first-generation college students, that builds on current resources and opportunities and works in tandem with offices, faculty, and staff who are committed to the success of Emory’s diverse first-gen undergraduate student population. Students selected to be a part of this community, will help to strengthen first-gen students’ self-affirmation, sense of belonging, social capital, and community. Selected students will serve as student ambassadors, student advocates, peer mentors and programmers for the Emory first-gen community. Participants will be supported by leadership development activities, community building events, and regular direct engagement with a Faculty Director, who is herself a first-gen graduate. 

For more information about participation in the program from other residential spaces, please contact Dr. Linda Bachman, Director of Residence Education,


Located on the 7th floor of the Tower Apartments on the Clairmont Campus, the German House offers a unique living environment where daily activities are conducted in German. It has three bedrooms, and can accommodate four students. The Teaching Assistant for the Department of German Studies lives in the apartment, speaks German with the residents, and helps coordinate extra-curricular activities such as viewing German film, socializing, or discussing current events. A benefit of living in the German House for our students is the daily opportunity to practice German with a native speaker.

Who Can Apply?: Rising juniors and seniors. 

How To Apply:At this time, if you are interested in living in the German House, please email



The Media, Literature, and Arts Outreach (MLAO) theme house, located at 20 Eagle Row, is proudly comprised of a group of Emory’s most involved artists, musicians, writers, designers, and performers on campus. Residents of MLAO collaborate with other house members, local talent, and organizations across campus to offer a variety of programs for students and staff alike. MLAO encourages artists of all types alongside those interested in hosting events on campus to join the close knit community.

Who Can Apply? Spaces in MLAO are open to all rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

How to Apply: At this time, if you are interested in living in the MLAO House, please email