Housed Student Waitlist

We recognize that students may have selected a room during their room selection process, but would really like to live in a different building/room type. To accommodate these requests we are offering a Housed Student Waitlist that will run throughout the spring and summer months. Waitlists are available for different room and building types. You may add yourself to more than one waitlist, if you desire. You may also remove yourself from a waitlist if your plans change.

If you and a roommate both wish to go on the waitlist together, both of you must add yourselves to the list separately and mention that you wish to move together in the comments. Please be descriptive – if you are only willing to move if you can move with this person, let us know. If you are willing to move without this person if it means a move into your preferred building/room type, please also let us know.

All waitlists end in August.

To access the waitlist, please visit your MyHousing page (link there, and click on “More Tasks” at the top, then “Housed Students Waitlist”.  Follow the prompts to add yourself to your desired waitlist.