Hamilton Holmes

623 Pierce Promenade
Atlanta, GA 30322

Hamilton Holmes Hall opened in 2012. Hamilton Holmes is located adjacent to the Dobbs University Center and looks out over the elevated green (with Longstreet Means and Raoul halls). Each room is air-conditioned and furnished with moveable furniture.  Holmes Hall is configured as a coed building with coed floors.  

The Rooms Doubles & Suites

Bathrooms: Sink and Mirror, shared bathrooms in suites
Closet: Built-in closet
Furniture: Bed, dresser, desk & chair
TV: Digital & Cable

The Floors Coed (Mixed)

Bathrooms: Community bathrooms, gender-neutral bathrooms
Lounges: Study lounges on each floor

The Hall

Kitchen: Community kitchen w/ vending machines
Lounges: TV lounge on ground floor
Laundry: Laundry facilities on ground floor
Internet: Wireless

2027 - 2018 Living Costs (per semester)

Single: $4,296
Double: $4,036

Living Green: Sustainability in the 21st Century

The biggest problems of our time, ranging from food and water access, environmental racism, and climate change require new perspectives and interdisciplinary solutions found in the communities most affected by these issues. Be a part of Living Green at Emory during your first year and examine what strategies we can employ to support the “three Es- Environment, Economy, and Equity.” Educate yourself and the world about the impact we have on our surroundings and our ability to ensure a high quality of life for future generations. 

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the academic year, students living in the Living Green theme will be able to
  • Define sustainability
  • Identify sustainability efforts around the Emory campus
  • Explain how issues of sustainability are related to the economy, politics and social justice

Selected Signature Programs:

  • Sustainability Showcase during Fall Orientation 
  • Weekly Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) cooking night
  • Monthly documentary screenings and a WaterHub Tour

Read more about the First Year at Emory Program here.