1340 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30322

Harris Hall is one of the most beautiful residence halls at Emory University. Located on Clifton Road, Harris Hall residents are close to the Goizueta Business School, Woodruff Library, and the Emory University Hospital. A historic sitting room and reception area with a grand piano are located in the building. Since it's orginal construction, Harris Hall has underwent a few renovations including transforming several rooms into hall lounge space, new lighting, new furniture, and new carpet. 

Harris Hall is also the home of the new Flourish living-learning community, designed in partnership with Emory Cares 4 U. Flourish Emory will engage participants in a 9-week training program that  is designed to challenge students to live a more eudemonic (happiness conducive) life, while also including activities to increase their hedonic (pleasant) well-being. This program is made possible by a $10,000 matching grant (made possible by the S. Engelhard Center) awarded to Emory University by Bringing Theory to Practice, an independent project in partnership with the Association of American Colleges and Universities funded by the Charles Engelhard Foundation.

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The Rooms Singles, Super-Singles, Doubles, and Suites

Bathrooms: Sink and Mirror, no toilet
Closet: Wardrobe
Furniture: Junior Loft Bed (36"), dresser, desk & chair, wardrobe
TV: Digital & Cable

The Floors Coed (Mixed)

Bathrooms: Community bathrooms, gender-neutral bathrooms
Lounges: Study lounges on each floor

The Hall

Kitchen: Community kitchen w/ vending machines 
Lounges: TV lounge, parlor w/ piano on 2nd floor
Laundry: Laundry facilities on 1st and 5th floor
Internet: Wireless

2019-2020 Living Costs (per semester)

Single: $4,602
Double/Triple: $4,319


Flourishing is defined as “a state where individuals combine a high level of subjective well-being with an optimal level of psychological and social functioning” (Keyes, 2002).  Flourishing is central component of complete mental health, and communities and institutions should promote it (Keyes, 2002).  Due to the high stress and vulnerability of Emory students, it is imperative Emory promotes flourishing.  Flourish! Harris is a community utilizing happiness, courage and resilience to achieve lifelong success while being the catalyst for increased mental health at Emory University.

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish maintenance of well-being and flourishing as important factors in academic, professional, and personal success
  • Teach skills for lifelong maintenance and improvement of mental well-being and happiness
  • Utilize character strengths in shaping community and individual goals
  • Increase flourishing for the greater Emory community

Keyes, C. L. M (2002).  The mental health continuum: From languishing to flourishing in life.  Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 43, 207-222.

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