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Spring 2024 Move Out


Friday, May 10 (12:00 PM): Atlanta and Clairmont Halls Close (For Non-Graduating Students)

Monday, 5/13 - Commencement

Tuesday, May 14 (2:00 PM): Atlanta and Clairmont Halls Close (For Graduating Seniors)

Same Room Reservation 

Residents who have same room reservations for the 2024-25 academic year will still have to move out of their rooms completely for the summer.

How It Works

  • Pack and remove all your belongings from the room. A limited number of moving carts/bins are available in each area during the move-out period. Students are not permitted to store any belongings in the residence hall after spring move-out.

  • Any personal items left behind will be considered abandoned property and are subject to immediate disposal and potential charges. 

  • Once you have finished removing all items and are ready to go, lock your door.

  • COMPLETELY fill out an Express Check-Out envelope and read all the information on the back. Place your keys inside the Express Check-Out envelope and seal it.

  • Turn in the sealed envelope to the designated Express Check-Out drop-off location for your building.

  • Students may return their key (inside an express checkout envelope) to their respective service centers (Raoul or Clairmont Tower) during regular business hours (9am-5pm).

  • Note - Please take time to make sure you are returning your designated room key. House keys will be recycled while any other Emory key we receive will be handed over to the Lockshop. 

  • Note - Please do not return your key if you are still moving out. This should be the very last action you take. 

  • RAs will be checking all residential rooms after residents have departed. All damage billing amounts may be appealed, however, improper checkout fees (i.e. keys not returned in express checkout envelopes, items left behind, or checking out after the deadline) cannot be appealed.

  • All residents are responsible for returning the key(s) they were given by the Residence Life and Housing Operations staff. The Housing Office will not accept mailed-in keys or keys from a third party (parent/guardian, roommate/suitemate, friend) after the resident has moved out. 

Where to Return Keys

Students may return their key to their respective service centers (Raoul or Clairmont Tower) during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm).

Residence Hall Express Check Out Location
Alabama Hall

Main Lobby
Next to First Floor Card Access Entrance Door

View here

Clairmont Campus

Clairmont Tower
Next to Housing Office

View here

Clifton Tower

First floor lobby

View here

(Smith, Thomas, and Hopkins Hall)

Hopkins Main Lobby
On Second Floor Outside Room 241

View here

Dobbs Hall

Use Left Entrance, by Bulletin Board

View here

Eagle Hall

Main Lobby
By Room 130

View here

Few & Evans Halls

Few Hall Main Residential Lobby

View here

Fraternity Houses

6 Eagle Row

8 Eagle Row

10 Eagle Row

12 Eagle Row

13 Eagle Row

14 Eagle Row

15 Eagle Row

17 Eagle Row

18 Eagle Row

Hamilton Holmes Hall

Main Lobby

View here

Harris Hall

Main Lobby
Mail Slot of RA Closet, Room 264

View here

Peavine Creek and Theme Houses

Casa Emory




Raoul Hall

First-Year Quad Lobby

View here

Sorority Lodges

Sorority Office Mail Slot

View here

Turman Hall

Main Lobby
By Complex Director Office, Room 103

View here

Woodruff Residential Center

Main Lobby
Mail Slot of RA Closet

View here


If you have any questions regarding Move-Out, please contact us at


Additional Information

Students may contract with any storage company. Students are responsible for working individually with any company they contract with in regards to storage and shipping. Emory’s preferred storage solution is Storage Squad.  Students are not able to store any belongings in the residence halls after spring move-out.

Emory Recycles sponsors donation trucks that will be parked around campus during move-out. Please consider donating personal items that you no longer need to benefit others. Please note that donation items cannot be left in rooms, building lobbies, or hallways.

Compost, recycling, donation kiosks and donation trucks/trailers locations will be made available on April 28. 

move-out flyer

Atlanta Campus Donation Map

Eagle Row Donation Map

Clairmont Campus Donation Map

Refrigerators provided by Collegiate Concepts will be removed after move-out. If you have moved rooms, please make sure that Collegiate Concepts knows of your current location. 

Any refrigerator supplied by other vendors will have to be removed prior to your move out. Please make arrangements with these vendors to have them pick up your rental. Residence Life and Housing Operations will not be responsible for items left behind once you check out, so be sure to plan this sooner than later! 

All bicycles must be taken home for the summer. If you are staying for summer school, please make sure you take your bike to Clairmont Campus. 
More information on summer housing can be found here.