*Information below is from Move Out 2019. Please refer to the information as a guide. 

Non-Graduating Students must vacate their rooms 24 hours after their last exam.  Residence halls will close on at noon on TBA.  Graduating Seniors have until 2 pm on TBA to check out. 

Residents have the option of taking advantage of a traditional or express checkout.  Read about both methods below to make the best choice for your check out.

In-person Check Out

The in-person check-out process gives you the ability to check out in person with a Resident Assistant (RA) and be present during your room inspection. Consider a traditional check-out if:

  • you do not feel comfortable with the condition of your room;
    • your roommate has not yet departed and you're not sure if they will clean the room before they leave
    • there are damages to the room
    • furniture is missing
  • you want an RA to assess the condition of your room prior to your departure;
  • you would like an opportunity to fix any problems found before you check out.
  • Building RAs will post a schedule of available times for traditional check-outs. (Clairmont Residents, please see RA Office Hours.)
  • Decide on when you are leaving and sign up for a check-outs time. Check-Outs may take up to 30 minutes, so please take this into consideration when making your travel plans.
  • Thoroughly clean your space, and pack and remove your belongings from your room before your appointment time. For more information on loading your vehicle, click here. Bins will be available for check-out. Please see your Complex Director for details.
  • Sign up for a check-out time at least 24 hours before leaving.
  • Walk through your room with the RA. The staff may indicate areas of your room that may need extra cleaning.
  • Turn in your keys to the staff member.

Express Check Out

Express Check-out is the quicker of the two processes. Choose this option if:

  • you feel your room is in "good condition"
  • you are leaving between midnight and 8AM
  • you are comfortable with waiving your opportunity to appeal any damage charges.


  • Your RA will give instructions on where to obtain an Express Check-Out envelope.
  • COMPLETELY fill out the envelope and read all the information on the back.
  • Pack and remove all your belongings from the room. Learn more information on loading your vehicle. Bins will be available for check-out. Please see your Complex Director for details.
  • Once you have finished removing all items and are ready to go, lock your door, and place your keys inside the envelope and seal it.
  • Turn in the sealed envelope to the designated Express Check-Out drop-off location for your building.
Residence Hall Express Check Out Location
Alabama Hall Main Lobby
Next to First Floor Card Access Entrance Door
Clairmont Campus Clairmont Tower
Next to Housing Office

Clifton Tower

 First floor lobby.

(Smith, Thomas, and Hopkins Hall)

Hopkins Main Lobby
On Second Floor outside Room 241
Dobbs Hall Stairwell
Use Left Entrance, by bulletin board
Eagle Row and Peavine Creek Houses
(with the exception of Sorority Lodges)
Few Hall Main Residential Lobby
Few & Evans Halls Few Hall Main Residential Lobby
Hamilton Holmes Hall Main Lobby
Harris Hall Main Lobby
Mail Slot of RA Closet, Room 264
Longstreet-Means Hall Main Lobby
By Room 130
Raoul Hall First-year Quad Lobby
Sorority Lodges Sorority Office Mail Slot
Turman Hall Main Lobby
By Complex Director Office, Room 103
Woodruff Residential Center Main Lobby
Mail Slot of RA Closet