Move-In Room Inspection

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RCR - Instructions

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Move-Out Room Inspection

Residents are responsible for any costs the University incurs in returning the residential space to its original condition. This may include damage to walls and fixtures, missing furniture, or excessive trash or abandoned items. We encourage all residents to take care of their rooms, and to vacate rooms in good condition to avoid damage charges. 

Housing Operations and Residence Life staff assess damage in student rooms based on the following perspective, often referred to as the ICE principle: 

  • intentional damage or vandalism 
  • careless use resulting damage 
  • excessive wear and tear and trash 

Leaving a room in "good condition" means that you have left your room in the same condition as when you moved in. Please ensure that: 

  • All furniture is returned to its original configuration. This means leaving the room organized in the way you found it (at Move-In).  If you move furniture into the closet or common areas during the year, please put it back in the room where you found it. 
  • All original furnishings (i.e. dressers, desks, nightstands, etc.) are empty, clean, and in the room. 
  • All University provided common area furniture is in its original location. 
  • The room is left clean and neat.  Dispose of unwanted items in the proper locations (dumpster, donation box, etc.). See your RA/CA if you have any questions on the location closest to your building. 
  • Doors and windows are closed and locked.  

Resident costs for damage repair equal, at a maximum, the cost of materials, shipping, and delivery PLUS the cost of labor. 

If you have incurred a damage charge, this will be posted to your student account and you will be notified via your Emory email address. Bills must be paid in accordance with Student Accounts and Business Office deadlines.

If the individual(s) responsible for the damage have neither come forward nor been identified by others, then the cost of the damage will be divided evenly among all residents of the affected area. Individuals found responsible for vandalism face disciplinary action that may include financial restitution, work hours with maintenance, disciplinary probation, and suspension or expulsion from the residence hall/suite/apartment/lodge/house/or College. 

Residents may be held liable for all losses or damages resulting from negligent and/or purposeful acts, or violations of University regulations. Violations of University regulations may result in removal from housing with no financial credit for the unelapsed term of the Housing Agreement, or denial of University housing for future years. 

You will be notified via email when damage charges are assessed to your student account. If you wish to appeal these charges, please complete the "Spring 2023 Atlanta Campus Damage Billing Appeal" found on your MyHousing portal underneath the "Applications and Appeals" tab. 

The deadline for submitting any damage appeals for Spring 2023 will be stated in the email communication you receive from Housing Operations 

Your appeal will be reviewed by the Housing Damage Appeals Committee. This committee meets weekly and reviews appeals in the order in which they are received. 

Please note: we recommend paying your damage charge, before the deadline, even if you plan to appeal, in order to avoid any finance charges or other payment penalties. If an appeal is successful, related charges will be credited back to your account.