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After over 40 years, it is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to the Emory University Off Campus Listings. We are transitioning this site from an Emory hosted program to a fee based service hosted and managed by Off Campus Partners of Charlottesville, Virginia, a company with an established track record for matching prospective landlords and tenants.

We are very excited to announce that the new site is now up and available at:

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, no new listings will be accepted on this site. Current listings will be allowed to complete the remaining days of their cycle. This will expire all listings on the old site on or before April 24, 2015. Landlords and prospective tenants are strongly encouraged to visit and use the new, professional site offered by Off Campus Partners. Very soon, our current address,, will also auto-forward to the new web location, and this site will no longer be reachable.

This is the official website of Emory University Housing for posting of local off-campus housing information. Our database includes contributions by a variety of sources, from local homeowners to apartment complexes.

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