Each resident is responsible for the condition of their assigned housing space. The University shall have the right to bill a student’s account for damage, loss, or cleaning charges assessed after a move-out inspection of the room is performed.

Removal of University furniture from student rooms is prohibited. No alterations may be made to the furniture or fixtures provided by the University and no construction or alteration of any type (including, but not limited to lofts) may take place within a room. Additional furnishings brought into the room must be freestanding and clear of all existing fixtures, furniture, or walls.

Each resident is expected to review the online Room Condition Report within 24 hours after occupancy and submit any additional room condition details within two weeks of moving into the assigned space. When occupancy is terminated, residents may elect to obtain a room inspection by the Residence Life or Sorority and Fraternity Life staff member, or utilize the Express Check Out option. Students who vacate their assigned housing without following the check-out process outlined herein will be charged $50.00 plus the cost of any damages/cleaning occurring during occupancy as such damage/cleaning is determined by the University. After students vacate, the room will be inspected by a staff member who will make final damage and cleaning assessments.

Residents are expected to take every precaution to assure that common areas are not abused or damaged in any way. Any individual who causes any damage to a common area or University property shall be responsible for the payment of all costs required to repair such damage, no matter how such damage was caused. In addition, if the individual(s) responsible for the damage cannot be identified using reasonable efforts, then all residents will be held responsible for paying a prorated share of the cost of repairing such damage. Items left in common areas will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of. The University shall have the right to bill a resident’s student account for such damage or loss. Removal of common area furnishings or equipment from their assigned location constitutes theft of University property and may be referred to the student conduct office.

For a comprehensive list of housing policies concerning damage, please review the Housing Agreement and Housing Policies.