Recycling, Donating, & Shipping

Residence Life and Housing does not endorse a particular storage company. Students may contract with any storage company. Students are responsible for working individually with any company they contract with in regards to storage and shipping. 

Remember that University Mail services ships packages as well; they can be contacted at

Keep in mind that "pods" are not allowed on campus (central or Clairmont). Residence Life and Housing cannot store belongings for you over the summer and you may not keep items in your room even if you are returning to the same room in the Fall.

Don't Dump It, Donate It! Emory Recycles and Housing sponsor donation trucks, recycling and composting bins, and dumpsters that will be parked around campus during move out. Please consider donating personal items that you no longer need, such as clothing, shoes, furniture, school supplies, non-perishable food, and toiletries, to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Perishable food should be put in green compost bins and plastics, metals, white paper and mixed paper that can’t be donated should be put in blue recycle bins. Please note that nothing can be left in building lobbies or hallways.

Druid Hills (Main) Campus Donation Truck & Dumpster Locations

Clairmont Campus Donation Truck & Dumpster Locations

Bag Descriptions for Donation 

Do you have a refrigerator or loft? Refrigerators and lofts installed by Collegiate Concepts will be removed after move out. If you have moved rooms, please make sure that Collegiate Concepts knows.

Any lofts or refrigerators supplied by other vendors will have to be removed prior to your move out. Please make arrangements with these vendors to have them pick up your rentals. Residence Life and Housing will not be responsible for items left behind once you check out, so be sure to plan this sooner than later!

Bicycles: All bicycles must be taken home for the summer. If you are staying for summer school, please make sure you take your bike to Clairmont Campus. 

All bicycles on central campus bike racks must be taken home for the summer or you may take advantage of Bicycle South's summer storage program. For $45, Bike Emory's partner (Bicycle South) will securely store your bike over the summer and wipe down, lube the chain, and inflate your tires before you pick up your bike in the fall.