Housing Appeals

Students who sign up for campus housing should do so with the sincere intent and plan to live in campus housing. Signing up for campus housing is not a "safety net" while looking at other options. If you are eligible to and would like to explore other options, please do so; we will be happy to assist you in securing on-campus housing at a later date if housing is available.  The appeals process only applies to students who have received a housing assignment.  If you have completed a housing application, have not yet received a housing assignment, and would like to cancel your application, please email housing@emory.edu.  

We acknowledge that situations can change and are open to receiving appeals for release. Please know, however, that submitting an appeal does not guarantee a release, no matter your reason for the appeal. Do NOT make other plans until you have been notified of the outcome of your appeal. Appeals to be released from housing are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  

Housing assignment appeals may be made at any time, but please note the termination fee schedule that is based upon submission date. Appeals will be reviewed and responded to via email within three weeks of being received. Please note that appeals are rarely granted. Appeals may be granted (but are not guaranteed) in the following instances, based on documentation that demonstrates the issue cannot be remedied by alternative means:

  1. Financial: severe financial difficulties as confirmed by the Office of Financial Aid; or
  2. Medical: medical conditions Housing is unable to provide for, based upon housing accommodations as determined by the Office for Access, Disability Services and Resources; or
  3. Family Status: students who have custody of minor children and/or who are married and living with their spouse off-campus.

We will NOT consider appeals to be released based on roommate dissatisfaction; we will work with you to be moved to a different on-campus location.

All releases are subject to a cancellation and/or termination fee.

Pay careful attention to what information and, where applicable, documentation needs to accompany an appeal.  Please do not send medical documentation to the Office of Residence Life & Housing Operations

Please note that all appeals will be reviewed within three weeks of being received. All releases are subject to a cancellation and/or release fee.

Submitting an Appeal

Housing appeals must be initiated by the student. Parents or other involved parties may provide supporting documentation, but may not initiate the appeal.

Housing appeals must be submitted via email to housing@emory.edu. Please us Housing Appeal: Student Name as the subject line. 

The email must include a "Reason For Appeal" with a clear and explicit narrative demonstrating the rationale for why you should receive an exception and be released. If no explanation is included, the appeal will be considered incomplete and returned to you.

Medical: If your appeal is for medical reasons, you must be registered with the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) prior to submitting an appeal. Please do not send medical documentation to the Office of Residence Life & Housing Operations. A housing accommodation determination must be made by OAS.

Financial: If your appeal is for financial reasons, the information you wish to have considered must be on file in the Office of Financial Aid. We will consult directly with Financial Aid and receive a determination on whether your expressed need has been met for the academic year.

For students who have signed up for or are currently living in a housing assignment, an appeal for financial reasons must include documentation that your financial situation has changed since you applied for housing; your application date can be found on your MyHousing page. 

Spouse/Child: If your appeal is to live with a spouse or minor child, please include: 

  • the mailing address for the location at which you will be residing;
  • a copy of the marriage certificate submitted separately (if appealing to live with a spouse);
  • a copy of the birth certificate submitted separately (if appealing to live with and care for a minor child).

Termination Fees

If an appeal is granted and the student is released from his/her housing obligation, the cancellation fee will be charged and the following termination fees will be assessed:

on or before April 1 $200 cancellation fee (CF)
April 2 to May 1 $300 CF 
May 2 to June 1 $400 CF 
June 2 to July 1 $500 CF 
July 2 to August 15 $600 CF 
after August 15 100% of the semester rate
on or before November 1 $200 cancellation fee (CF)
November 2 to December 1 $300 CF
December 2 to January 15 $400 CF 
after January 15 100% of semester rate 

*Termination fees are calculated: semester room rate / number of days in the semester (118 for fall, 122 for spring) X seven = one week

Questions regarding the appeal process may be directed to housing@emory.edu.

Reappeal Process

If you are unhappy with the decision rendered from your initial appeal, you have the option to submit a reappeal. 

Reappeals will be considered ONLY if there is additional documentation or information that has not been previously reviewed. Reappeals should be written and submitted with any associated documentation directly to the Office of Residence Life and Housing reception desk.

Appeals for the reduction of termination fees will not be considered without documentation showing a change in financial status since the original appeal decision was rendered.