ResHall Communities

Theme communities are residentially-based programs that link academic and residential life through an interdisciplinary theme. These communities take learning outside of the classroom and into the residence hall. Faculty associates participate in the community through teaching courses linked to the theme, leading PACE groups and by hosting social events on the hall to better familiarize themselves with the students.

How do I join a ResHall Community?

There are different options for first-year, second-year, and third- and fourth-year students. Members of the first-year class living on-campus are automatically a member of the First Year at Emory program. Second-year students have the opportunity to participate in either Second Year at Emory or apply to be a part of a specific themed community. Third- and fourth-year students wishing to participate in a living-learning community are required to fill out an application for the particular community they wish to join. 

The Year Experience Program           

Emory University is celebrated for dynamic, engaged learning and exceptional faculty and staff. To further strengthen these foundational elements for learning and development and connecting knowledge with experiences outside the classroom, Residence Life has developed a program to reconnect living on campus with the core values and functions of Emory University and the Division of Campus Life, and re-develop residential communities as intellectual neighborhoods that bridge the residential and academic campus communities; orient and ground students intellectually and socially; and assist students as they develop identity, relationships, competence, and purpose.

The Year Experience Program is the framework upon which Emory Residence Life bases all of our programmatic work. The Program answers the question, "What knowledge do we want Emory students to gain as a result of living in our residential halls?" The Year Experience program identifies our educational priorities, broad learning outcomes and specific competency milestones. The program is designed to be developmentally appropriate for each class/year component and as an entire entity.

Our overarching broad learning outcomes are as follows:

To account for the development of residents between years, we have organized our milestones into one of four tiers, the First Year Experience (FYE), The Second Year Experience (SYE), The Third Year Experience (3YE), and the Fourth Year Experience (E4X)*.