3YE & E4X

The third and fourth year experiences serves to shift students' gaze from the development of the Emory community to looking outward. The Clairmont staff strives to help students become active beings in the local, national and international community working toward more equitable society.

Our main learning goals: 

Practical Competence

This learning goal focuses on the unwritten or untaught lessons of adulthood. We have events centered around preparing for life after emory.

Topics include:

  • Filing taxes
  • Finding an apartment
  • Budgeting
  • Civic engagement

Professional Development

Clairmont partners with Alumni Career Services and the Career Center to bring you the most comprehensive information about taking your next steps whether it be the job search and salary negotiations, networking strategies, or how to write a solid personal statement for grad school. 

Positive Interdependence 

An element of cooperative and collaborative learning, positive interdependence is where members of a group who share common goals perceive that working together is individually and collectively beneficial, and success depends on the participation of all the members. Clairmont seeks to build awareness that communities beyond residence life achieve success. Moved from the idea of competition to collaboration among residents and staff.