First Year at Emory Theme Immersion Communities

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Black Male Initiative Immersion Community

The Black Male Initiative is a learning community designed to support first year Black male students who identify on the African Diaspora through academic and social support, access to campus resources, and professional development. The goal of this initiative is to support Black males at Emory to be successful and increase a sense of belonging through intentional programming needs. The working definition described by Terrell Strayhorn states “sense of belonging refers to students’ perceived social support on campus, a feeling or sensation of connectedness, the experience of mattering or feeling cared about, accepted, respected, valued by, and important to the group (e.g. campus community) or others on campus (e.g., faculty, peers)” (Strayhorn, 2012). To apply, visit here.

Global Connections Immersion Community

The Global Connections Program is a community within one of the First Year Residence Hall that focuses on fostering intercultural understanding, dialogue, and friendships. Students in this community will have a unique opportunity to engage in programs and events that facilitate an increased awareness about cultural differences and world events. Domestic and international students will be paired as roommates and will participate in experiences planned by the Global Connections community and the greater Emory community. To apply, visit here.

IDEAS Floor Immersion Community

The Interdisciplinary Exploration and Scholarship (IDEAS) Floor is a community within of the First Year Residence Hall that focuses on cultivating intellectual engagement through both peers and through campus resources. Students accepted into the community will have opportunities to expand their educational experience beyond the classroom– from field trips to Atlanta to mindblowing conversations. Participating students will be drawn from a diverse range of experiences and perspectives to enhance the experience. To apply, visit here.

Social Innovation Immersion Community

The Social Innovation themed community explores how people come together to identify and creatively solve systematic social problems, ranging from climate change and food insecurity to refugee resettlement and health disparities. This theme community provides first-year students the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Wesley Longhofer, a faculty member in the Goizueta Business School and the Faculty-in-Residence for the themed community, as well as Atlanta and Emory-based social entrepreneurs. In addition, first-year students will have the opportunity to form mentor-mentee relationships with second year students who are also participating in the social innovation theme community. Other theme hall programs include tailored discussions based on personal interest of the community, and excursions to entrepreneurship sites in Atlanta that embody the Social Innovation theme. In addition, residents will also have access to the Woodruff Social Innovation Lab, a co-working space where students can work independently or collaborate with others to build solutions to the social problems they are most passionate about. To apply, visit here.

Sustainability Leadership Immersion Community

The Sustainability Leadership floor is a new community within one of the First-Year Residence Hall that focuses on welcoming students into Emory’s tradition of campus sustainability leadership and on cultivating a community of students who want to share perspectives on the economic, social, and environmental factors shaping our lives and our world; our interdependence as a local and global community; and the impact of our actions on future generations. Pursuing sustainability allows us all to more fully enact our principles and provide equitable opportunities for satisfying livelihoods and study through a safe, healthy, and high quality of life for current and future generations. To apply, visit here.

Languages and Cultures Cohort

The Languages and Cultures Cohort will establish a learning community of Emory undergraduate students who are dedicated to the study of any foreign language currently taught at Emory. Participants will engage in a one-year long engaged discussion on the relevance of translingual and transcultural competence as part of a liberal arts education. Our cohort will bring together students from various language programs at Emory to foster a sense of community of foreign languages learners beyond specific language boundaries and to discuss the benefits and the hurdles of the journey toward translingual and transcultural competence. While students do not need to be declared language majors to be selected, a commitment to language learning for the 2019-2020 academic year is a requirement. Students will need to demonstrate previous interest in learning a foreign language and must commit to taking a minimum of two foreign language courses: one in the Fall and one in the Spring. 5 first-year students will be selected for the cohort. To apply, visit here.

Any questions or concerns about the FYE Theme Immersion Communities please contact Des’mon Taylor, Assistant Director of Residential Education at des’