Second Year at Emory

SYE Milestones:

  • Be able to identify core values and explain the complexity of their identities. (Know Who They Are)
  • Be able to describe the connections between themselves, others, and their communities. (Be Socially and Culturally Aware)
  • Develop and strengthen skills necessary for independence and success after graduation. (Be Prepared for Life After Emory)
  • Be engaged to create positive change in their communities. (Be Socially Responsible)
  • Use knowledge and skills acquired at Emory to improve the well-being of others. (Advance Education into Action)

Few & Evans Halls do not feature a theme community. 

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Flourishing is defined as “a state where individuals combine a high level of subjective well-being with an optimal level of psychological and social functioning” (Keyes, 2002).  Flourishing is central component of complete mental health, and communities and institutions should promote it (Keyes, 2002).  Due to the high stress and vulnerability of Emory students, it is imperative Emory promotes flourishing.  Flourish! Harris is a community utilizing happiness, courage and resilience to achieve lifelong success while being the catalyst for increased mental health at Emory University.

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish maintenance of well-being and flourishing as important factors in academic, professional, and personal success
  • Teach skills for lifelong maintenance and improvement of mental well-being and happiness
  • Utilize character strengths in shaping community and individual goals
  • Increase flourishing for the greater Emory community

Keyes, C. L. M (2002).  The mental health continuum: From languishing to flourishing in life.  Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 43, 207-222.

Social Justice

Social Justice theme engages students, both intellectually and experientially, around topics of identity, diversity, and equity. The theme also explores social justice's intersectionality with environmental justice, politics, feminism, and social movements. Examples of programs in the past: Academic Engagement with Pride Parade, Poverty in Perspective, Black History Month Jeopardy.

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