Theme Housing

The Emory Bayit, located at 764 Peavine Creek, provides its residents with more than a Jewish living experience – it fosters a dynamic environment whose objective is to stimulate personal growth, leadership development, Jewish education, and commitment to Jewish community and traditions. The Bayit is a facility that allows observant Jewish students to practice Kashrut, Shabbat, holidays, and other customs with ease, and fosters a warm community committed to a pluralistic Jewish lifestyle.

Some past programs include:

  • Weekly Shabbat Dinners: the residents of the house cook and eat together every week 

Learn more about living in Emory BAYIT here

The Black Student Alliance House, located at 22 Eagle Row, provides residents and the greater community, an opportunity to create a space where the Black community thrives and expands.  The house is designed to foster and uplift the Black community as well as to challenge residents’ understanding of Blackness. In this space we hope to provide a safe haven to Black identifying students and to be thoroughly dedicated to supporting them.

Through various opportunities of fellowship, food, and events - hosted by the Emory Black Student Alliance and the other Black student organizations - we collectively hope to continue the work to strengthen the community, build to self-sufficiency, and educate each other.

Some past programs include: 

  • Hidden Figures Film Viewing and Discussion: Students from the house watched Hidden Figures in theater as a group and had a follow-up discussion about the movie’s content
  • Black History Month Trivia Night: Trivia competition about black history 

For the 2017-2018 academic year,

the BSA House will focus on foundational theories and concepts surrounding Blackness. A “curriculum” will be developed with various academic offices to bring the community a variety of materials that will prove useful in moving forward from normative narratives.

Learn more about living in the BSA house here.

Located at 746 Peavine Creek Road Atlanta, GA 30322, Casa Émory provides students with the opportunity of living in a Spanish-speaking environment.

Casa Émory offers a number of programs for students who are Spanish and Portuguese majors and minors, native and heritage speakers, students who are planning to study abroad or have returned from abroad, and others with a strong interest in the Ibero-American world. It is also a center for departmental activities ranging from informal discussions of contemporary topics to the staging of cultural activities such as films, lectures, music and dance.
Some past programs include:
  • Bi-Weekly Dinners with Professors: The students in the house come together a couple of times a month to cook a meal and interact with professors from the Spanish and Portuguese departments\
  • Poetry Series: Prominent Spanish and Portuguese poets are brought to the house to share their work 
Casa Émory accommodates nine students and, when possible, two graduate students - one who is a native Spanish speaker and one who is a native Portuguese speaker. When possible, a student from the Universidad de Salamanca resides in the building and serves as a liaison between Casa Émory and the Department of Spanish.
Learn more about living in CASA here.

The Media, Literature, and Arts Outreach (MLAO) theme house, located at 14 Eagle Row, seeks to provide a hub for Emory’s writers, designers, performers, and artists of all kind to practice their craft and reach out to the greater Emory community. The MLAO theme house engages the larger Emory community through events centered on performance, written, and visual arts in collaboration with organizations, professors, and departments.

Some past programs include†:

  • Halloween Arts Showcase: Halloween themed art gallery and performances, such as singing, poetry, and spoken word  

  • Speed Date & Paint: Opportunity for students to get to know each other through painting and cookie decorating

Events are also held in MLAO from other campus organizations, such as the Emory Arts Club, Free Thought Poetry, Rock the Row, and Café Unity. 

Learn more about living in MLAO here

The Green Hall is located inside the Clairmont Campus Undergraduate Residential Center (URC). The Faculty-in-Residence (FIR), Dr. Lars Ruthotto (Mathematics and Computer Science), and 28 students who live in this hall actively support and promote sustainable behavior and other aspects of green living on campus and in the Atlanta community. Students living in the Green Hall organize and participate in a variety of activities centered around topics such as sustainable food, energy and water conservation, waste reduction and recycling, biking as well as other related topics such as economic development and social justice. Some programs that the Green Hall offers in the academic year 2017-18 are:

  • participation in OSI Energy Competition
  • participation in OSI Recycling Competition
  • social bike rides and hikes (also with critical mass, Atlanta bike festival, Atlanta Streets Alive)
  • cooking classes showing how to easily and quickly turn local ingredients into healthy dishes 
  • volunteering at local farms
  • discussions and events around fair trade, climate change, and social justice

Learn more about living in the Green Hall here.

P.E.A.C.E. stands for Political, Ethical, Academic Community Experience at Emory. Located in the Clairmont Residential Center (CRC) on the Clairmont Campus, we are a group of undergraduate students and Faculty-in-Residence (FIR), Dr. Dilek Huseyinzadegan (Philosophy). Our primary aim is to keep ourselves informed of current social political events in the city, in the U.S., and the world.

Some past programs include: 

  • Field Trip to a Performance by Harlem Theater of Dance at Cobbs 
  • Hamilton Screening - Screening of PBS Documentary "Making of Hamilton" with popcorn and candy @ Clairmont
  • Women's March - buses and snacks organized for the National Women's March on January 21
  • PEACE Hall Dinner - Catered dinner for the residents to discuss how things are going, current events @ Clairmont
  • Karaoke Night: 12 Days of Finals--Karaoke with a DJ to destress during finals' week @ Clairmont
  • Islamophobia: Roundtable discussion with two local Muslim leaders, one Imam and one Scholar on Islam and its representation in the U.S. - dinner catered.
  • How A Bill Becomes a Law: Supporting Sexual Assault Survivors during discussions of the Georgia Bill HB51: Presentation and Q&A with YWCA official on public policy

Students are welcome to make suggestions for future programs. 

Members of the hall will also have the chance to engage in projects that aim to bring this intermingling of intellectual and socio-political commitments to the larger community at Emory.

Learn more about living in the P.E.A.C.E. community here.

Are you interested in living in a close-knit community of women who share a passion for scientific discovery and research? Consider joining the Women In STEM Theme House for the 2018 - 2019 school year! We will be living and learning together in Clairmont Tower and holding events throughout the year, including faculty dinners, volunteering opportunities, and social events. We'll be working closely with faculty sponsor Cora MacBeth, as well as various academic departments and graduate student orgnizations. Attend weekly group dinners, make friends, and create a community of support that will advance your career goals and academic pursuits!

Learn more about living in the Women In STEM community here.

Located across two residence halls, the Social Innovation Hall explores how people come together to identify and creatively solve systematic social problems, ranging from climate change and food insecurity to refugee resettlement and health disparities. The hall is modeled after an entrepreneurship accelerator. Second-year Woodruff residents will serve as mentors for first-year Raoul residents, and all residents will have the opportunity to participate together in a series of social innovation and design thinking workshops led by Emory faculty and Atlanta-based social entrepreneurs. Residents will also have access to the Woodruff Social Innovation Lab, a co-working space where students can work independently or collaborate with others to build solutions to the social problems they are most passionate about. The Faculty-in-Residence for the Hall is Wesley Longhofer, a faculty member in the Goizueta Business School and advisor to Social Enterprise @ Goizueta.

Learn more about living in the Social Innovation Hall community here.