The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the third-largest student-run organization at Emory University. RHA consists of the Executive Board, Executive Committees, and the Hall Councils. Each of these branches works to promote the goals and purposes of the University as releated to residential living, as well as to serve as the student's voice. RHA is an avenue for student cooperation and leadership on campus to imporve the overall Emory experience throughout all class years.

Mission Statement: We, the members of RHA, strive to unify Emory University’s residential community, instill pride in our campus, and enhance the residential living experience through advocacy and visible, campus-wide activities for and by the students.

The purpose of the RHA Executive Board is to serve as the coordinating body to the individual Residence Hall Councils, as well as the planning body for campus-wide events. The Board consists of twelve officers who meet once a week to plan events and organize RHA campus-wide programs and discuss advocacy initiatives. Executive board members are assigned to an individual Hall Council and serve as advisors and mentors, and attend meetings with their Hall Councils monthly. As campus-wide programs occur, the Executive Board looks to the Hall Councils for input, participation, and enthusiasm. The Executive Board oversees the everyday business of RHA. 

Meet the Executive Board

The Executive Council is composed of the Executive Board and the Hall Council presidents. The Executive Council exists to serve in the best interests of all residents as RHA's legislative body. The Executive Board and hall presidents meet once a week to keep a steady dialogue between the halls, which ensures that the voices and concerns of the students are heard and that all events go according to plan.

At the beginning of every year, each residence hall elects its own group of students to serve as its governing council. These members work together to orchestrate activities for their fellow hallmates, and to enhance the residential experience. The purpose of the Hall Councils is to conduct the legislative and executive business of each residence hall. These Councils are responsible for the distribution and expenditure of funds allocated to them by the RHA Executive Board. These funds are spent on building-wide programs and services that promote community, resident education and building spirit. Programs such as study breaks, themed parties, fundraisers, and educational discussions are held. The goal of each Hall Council is to serve the interests of the residents, to address any concerns, and to plan events and programs to suit residents' needs.

If you want to become involved in this vital student group, send your questions and ideas to: