Get Involved!

It's never too late to get involved! 

Contact your hall council president for information on how you can get involved with RHA.

Interested in being an officer? 

Information regarding elections will be available through RHA's media outlets, including this website, Office365 email, Facebook, and the Emory Bubble.

Elections for hall council presidents, vice-presidents, and treasurers take place early in the fall semester. Other members are appointed by the elected officers in each hall. Information will be distributed to students in August.

Elections for the Executive President, Vice-President of Programming, Vice-President of Advocacy, and Treasurer positions take place in the spring semester on the same day as the Student Government Association (SGA) elections. All other executive positions are appointed late in the spring semester after a brief interview process by the newly elected board members. Information about executive board position elections will be posted on our media outlets in the spring.