Residence Hall Association Partnership and Sponsorship Policy

As the third largest student organization on campus, serving over 4,500 students, RHA is always looking for opportunities to expand its reach. RHA’s mission is to unify Emory University’s residential community, instill pride in our campus, and enhance the residential living experience through advocacy and visible, campus-wide activities for and by the students. If you or your organization would like to partner with RHA please read the requirements listed below to see if your cause is eligible for an RHA partnership or sponsorship.


  1. Partnership- equal contribution of communication and collaboration must be present
    • Inclusion- If an RHA partnership is wanted both organizations must be included and invested in the process
  2. Reciprocation- Organizations that seek a partnership with RHA should be prepared to help with RHA programs as well


  1. RHA will not allocate funds to organizations without a compelling cause of why it will help residents specifically
  2. RHA hosts proprietary volunteer events geared towards philanthropy and therefore will be willing to collaborate with a similar event
  3. Sponsorships will be awarded to organizations or programs in which all residents can participate, as opposed to a certain group with narrow interests

Proposal Checklist

  1. Do I have a compelling reason for why my organization deserves a partnership or sponsorship with RHA?
  2. Does my organization or program align with RHA’s mission?
  3. Do I have a reason why I chose to come to RHA instead of another student organization?
  4. Am I willing to relinquish autonomy in favor of a more positive group dynamic and collaboration?
  5. Am I willing to partner with an RHA flagship event in return for RHA’s help with my program or event?

If you feel like you are eligible for a partnership or sponsorship please send an email to RHA.Emory@emory.edu with the subject line [your organization] Sponsorship and or Partnership Request.