Black Men's Initiative Immersion Community

The Black Men's Initiative is a community designed to support first year Black male students who identify on the African Diaspora through academic and social support, access to campus resources, and professional development. The goal of this initiative is to support Black males at Emory to be successful and increase a sense of belonging through intentional programming needs. The working definition described by Terrell Strayhorn states “sense of belonging refers to students’ perceived social support on campus, a feeling or sensation of connectedness, the experience of mattering or feeling cared about, accepted, respected, valued by, and important to the group (e.g. campus community) or others on campus (e.g., faculty, peers)” (Strayhorn, 2012). To apply, visit here.

Global Connections Immersion Community

The Global Connections Program is a community within one of the First Year Residence Hall that focuses on fostering intercultural understanding, dialogue, and friendships. Students in this community will have a unique opportunity to engage in programs and events that facilitate an increased awareness about cultural differences and world events. Domestic and international students will be paired as roommates and will participate in experiences planned by the Global Connections community and the greater Emory community.To apply, visit here

Sustainability Leadership Immersion Community

The Sustainability Leadership floor is a new community within one of the First-Year Residence Hall that focuses on welcoming students into Emory’s tradition of campus sustainability leadership and on cultivating a community of students who want to share perspectives on the economic, social, and environmental factors shaping our lives and our world; our interdependence as a local and global community; and the impact of our actions on future generations. Pursuing sustainability allows us all to more fully enact our principles and provide equitable opportunities for satisfying livelihoods and study through a safe, healthy, and high quality of life for current and future generations. To apply, visit here

Biology & Chemistry Cohort & Living Learning Community

Are you planning on taking Biology & Chemistry together in your first semester? Apply for the Bio and Chem Cohort (BC-C)! The Biology & Chemistry Cohort (BC-C) is a new and unique opportunity to support students who have chosen to take Biology and Chemistry intro course sequences simultaneously, and help them rise to the challenge and complete the Biology/Chemistry intro sequences in the first semester of their first year. Selected students chosen to participate in the Biology & Chemistry Cohort will serve as fellows and will take linked sections of the courses as a joint cohort. Are you are planning on taking Biology & Chemistry together in your first semester AND interested in living with other students taking Bio & Chem together? Apply for the Bio & Chem Living Learning Community (BC-LLC)! While living together, BC-LLC participants will also learn together in the same sections of each course and have opportunities for enrichment, and additional mentorship in sessions scheduled outside of class. Participants will benefit from having this prestigious opportunity on their record, and a better chance at success in their courses. At the same time students are expected to work together, build community, and challenge each other. To apply, visit here.

Empowering First Living Learning Community – First Year Application

The Empowering First Community aims to provide an intentional residential and learning experience for first-generation college students, that builds on current resources and opportunities and works in tandem with offices, faculty, and staff who are committed to the success of Emory’s diverse first-gen undergraduate student population. Students selected to be a part of this community, will help to strengthen first-gen students’ self-affirmation, sense of belonging, social capital, and community. While living together, these students will serve as student ambassadors, student advocates, peer mentors, and programmers for the Emory first-gen community. Participants will be supported by leadership development activities, community building events, and regular direct engagement with a Faculty-in-Residence, who is herself a first-gen graduate. To apply, visit here

Any questions or concerns about the FYE Theme Immersion Communities please contact Des’mon Taylor, Assistant Director of Residential Education at des’