Emory University is committed to making university housing accessible to all students, and that all students in residential facilities have a safe, comfortable, and dignified living experience. To that end, we have accessible rooms for students with a disability or medical needs which require accommodations to a residence hall space. These rooms are distributed throughout the campus and may change from year to year. In addition, the University has wheelchair accessible shuttles to service the campus. Housing accommodation assignments are made on a case-by-case basis and recognizes the variability of individual needs and preferences. Housing Accommodation Requests can be made at anytime, but preferably at the start of each application period, as spaces become limited during the semester

Disability/Medical Need
If you have a disability or medical need that may require special assignment or accommodations, you must contact and register with the Department of Accessibility Services (DAS). Accommodations will be approved, as appropriate, based on receipt of documentation as outlined by DAS. Additional consultation may take place with the Emory Counseling and Psychological Services and/or the Emory Student Health Center. Students who are registered with DAS will be contacted individually, via email, regarding procedures for securing housing during the room selection process. Please note: Housing does not provide accommodations for Learning Disabilities.

Emotional Support Animals
Emotional Support Animals must be approved by both the Department of Accessibility Services and Housing Operations. Please contact DAS to begin the request process.

Department of Accessibility Services
Tel: 404.727.9877 and TDD is 404.712.2049.