Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RA) play an integral role in the quality of the residential program at Emory.

To apply to be an RA, visit our employment page.

My favorite part of being an RA...

* "...sometimes my residents are going through the exact same things I went through last year, and it's really nice to be able to help them through the same worries that I had. Also my residents bake. Like a lot. So that's a plus."

My favorite Residence Life memory...

* "Helping a resident overcome a really difficult personal situation and now seeing them thrive on campus."

Sophomore Advisors

Sophomore Advisors (SA) are volunteers, chosen for their leadership skills and enthusiasm, who assist first-year students in adjusting to college life. They are sophomores who live on first-year floors and assist the RA and Residence Hall Director in creating an atmosphere of community.

If you're interested in becoming an SA, view the job description here

My favorite Residence Life memory...

*" SA pair and I took our residents to the lantern parade on the Beltline this past fall. We walked a majority of the Beltline and I loved seeing how in awe my residents were with the event every step of the way. The best part though was the end of the parade when we needed to get home but the Uber rates were too high so we all decided to walk back to campus. I don't think anything can get a group of people closer than walking several miles together yet no one complained despite the numerous blisters. We had a blast cranking some tunes from our phones and making conversation all the way back. The huge fish lantern still hangs from one of our residents walls and I believe it became our floor mascot for a second there."

The best part about living in your hall...

"Because the rooms are so little, people don't always stay in them. The spaces in the building allow for relationships to form. The parlor, it's the heart of the building, the one place we can all congregate like a living room in a house. Followed by the front of the building where we sometimes throw around a frisbee. And soon the courtyard!"