Transfer students are not guaranteed on-campus housing, however, we will work with as many students as possible to accommodate their requests to live on campus. 

The Housing Operations staff is expected to begin reaching out to incoming transfer students with completed applications in early June.

Transfer Student Off-Campus Housing Options 

Interested in an apartment or renting a room near Emory? Emory has partnered with Off-Campus Housing Partners to create a site for Emory students to find off-campus housing. For more information, please visit us here at Emory Off-Campus Housing.

Transfer Student On-Campus Housing Options  

Apply for Housing

Incoming transfer students apply for housing via MyHousing

Please note that you will not be able to access the housing application until your Admission deposit has been paid. Within 48 hours of your deposit, you will be granted full access to all university systems and will be able to log on and apply for housing. 

Housing for transfer students is not guaranteed and is extremely limited. Housing is assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Please read below for options that may be available.

Apply for Housing Online

Theme Communities & Eagle Row Houses

theme communities


If interested please email us at For more information regarding Theme Communities, please click here

Residence Halls

Clairmont Tower(ONLY Double Rooms Available) The Tower Apartments are located in an eighteen-story apartment building on Clairmont Campus, less than one mile from the center of Emory's main campus. 

Clairmont Campus is home to all apartment style living at Emory. All 3rd & 4th year students, with the exception of those living on Eagle Row, live on the Clairmont Campus.

Each apartment is air conditioned and equipped with a living space, a full kitchen and full bathrooms. Most one-bedroom apartments include a balcony; all two- and three-bedroom units have a balcony. To learn more about Clairmont Tower, visit the Clairmont Tower website.

Roommate Requests

Roommate requests and roommate matching are done through the application on your MyHousing page. Roommate searching and matching will become available once you have completed your application. To access, select "Room and Roommate," "Select Roommate," and then select the corresponding term to your roommate request (Fall 23). 

You should first set up your roommate matching profile. In "Profile and Billing" and "Roommate Profile," you may enter your personal email or social media you would like displayed. If your "Profile Privacy" is set to Do Not Display Me, you will not be accessible to other residents in the roommate search.

If your "Profile Privacy" is set to Display Only My Information (Not My Profile), you will be accessible to other students in the roommate search but your profile will be hidden. 



If you have someone in mind you would like to request, you can enter their first and last name or their Emory email address directly. Some students use their preferred names in their profile, so you may want to confirm with them before searching.

Note: Your preferred roommate must complete their housing application in order to be matched. 

Note: MyHousing may return no results if you search by name AND living preferences. The system will look for the student with the exact name and specific living preference. 

Once you send a roommate request, you can see outstanding requests highlighted in yellow in the Roommate Request Section.

There are four actions you can take:

     roommate request actions

Once you receive a roommate request via MyHousing, you can take the following actions:     

 roommate match actions










We look forward to seeing you on campus!