Additional information will be made available on this page and via Emory email.
Please check your MyHousing page for student-specific move-in information.

Fall Move In
Orientation Week: August 19-26, 2023

Earliest Day for Early Arrival: Friday, August 11, 2023

Pre-Orientation Move In: Monday, August 14, 2023

First-Year Student Move In (Not Participating In Pre-Orientation): Saturday, August 19, 2023

Transfer Student Move In (Not Participating In Pre-Orientation): Saturday, August 19, 2023

Returning Student Move In (Including Oxford Graduates and All Returning Second-, Third-, and Fourth-Years): Sunday, August 20, 2023


All students should sign up for a move in time via their MyHousing page:

Early Arrival

Individual requests to move in early can be made via the Early Arrival Request Form, available on your MyHousing page beginning June 2. There is a $100 per day charge associated for early arrivals. 

Students participating in a pre-orientation program or are part of an Emory sponsored program with early arrival permission do not need to complete the Early Arrival Request Form. 

The earliest date residents can request an early move-in time is August 11.

For questions, please contact

Shipping and What to Bring

For shipping information, please visit the Emory University Mail Services.

For additional information, visit our Shipping and What to Bring FAQ's page. 

Register Your Bike

Housing Operations and Residence Life recommends that all bicycle users registers their bikes with the Emory Police Department. Register your bike through the Operation ID Program by clicking here.  

Living on Campus Resources

Please click here for more resources for your stay while at Emory.   

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance protects belongings, such as a laptop, smartphone, bicycle, textbooks, clothing, and other costly personal items from theft, vandalism, damage, and other covered events, and can help you repair or replace property, as well as provide personal liability insurance. Renters insurance also protects you and your family financially against unintentional damage to university property or bodily injury to others for which you are legally liable.

Emory University is not responsible for replacing stolen or damaged property. To help protect you and your family, all students who live in University Housing are strongly encouraged to carry renters’ insurance. We have partnered with GradGuard to provide students with a quality low-cost option. GradGuard Renters Insurance offers lower deductibles and premiums, and small claims will not affect your personal premiums for years to come.

As you are completing your 2023-24 housing application, you will have the option to select GradGuard renters insurance. 

Please visit, and select Emory University for more information.


GradGuard for Continuing Students

GradGuard logo


All undergraduates living in on-campus housing are required to participate in the Meal Plan. Plan options vary depending on your class year (not academic standing) and your personal preference. Click on the link below to find the options for first-year, second-year and upperclass students. Please review the meal plan options carefully and decide on a Meal Plan before you complete the housing application. You will be asked to make your Meal Plan selection in the Housing Selection process. As a part of the Meal Plan, you will have the opportunity to use on-campus food facilities. More information can be obtained from Emory Dining and the EmoryCard Office.


To check your EmoryCard balances (Dooley and Eagle Dollar balances), visit the EmoryCard Services Student Financial Services page or click here.

If you have further questions about dining plans, please contact

Laundry in residence halls is included in your room rate. You can see the status of a washer or dryer by visiting the LaundryView website here or download the LaundryView app.

To submit a maintenance request for any common area laundry machine download the CSC ServiceWorksService Request App and scan the barcode located on the front of every machine.

On-campus mail service is provided by Emory University Mail Services.

Mail folders are automatically assigned to incoming students by Mail Services in collaboration with Housing.  Mid-year transfers in/out are handled as exceptions. Learn More.

All on-campus residential students will also be provided with an address. The address will resemble the addresses below depending on their campus location:

Main Campus Clairmont Campus

Recipient's Name

Emory- MSC:######

1762 Clifton Road

Atlanta, GA 30322

Recipient's Name

Emory- MSC:######

1946 Starvine Way

Decatur, GA 30033

*Your student mail stop code (MSC) can be found on your MyHousing page.

Shipping Your Belongings

The University's mail contractor, RICOH USA, coordinates all shipping and mailing for our residents. Information about shipping is available on the mail services website. Packages sent through a shipping company should be addressed to your Emory University address (as indicated above).

Note - Packages shipped prior to August cannot be accepted before a certain date. We will update this page when we receive this information or you may check on the Mail Services website directly in. When you move in you can pick-up your packages at trailers located near your residence hall.

If you have questions and concerns regarding shipping and mailing, please contact Mail Services at Emory University.

website |
phone | 404.727.6172
email |

The Division of Office of Information Technology (OIT) operates a number of services across campus and online, such as learning management systems, video conferencing, and class registration. There are also computing labs, student printing stations, and media production spaces available from ATS: Student Digital Life


Residential WiFi and TV

Emory provides wireless networking, named EmoryUnplugged, and cable TV services in each residence hall or apartment. Students with computing questions or needing assistance, please see the Tech Setup Guide or contact OIT help by calling 404-727-7777, or visit Student Technology Support for in-person assistance. The cable TV service is digital only, and can be accessed via antenna or the coaxial port located in residential rooms. Students will need to provide their own coaxial cable. Channel listings can be found on the OIT website. Emory also offers Xfinity on Campus to all residents to stream directly to their devices. Additional information and channel listings are available on the Xfinity on Campus website.

For more questions about Emory's cable service, contact University IT (404-727-7777)

Other helpful links include:




* as of monday, January 4, 2020 

I am a new, first-year, residential student, when will I receive my EmoryCard?

Welcome to Emory!  You will receive your official Emory University Identification Card, the EmoryCard, when you check-in at your Residence Hall.

Please keep your EmoryCard safe as it is used for campus access, meal plans, Dooley Dollars, Eagle Dollars and more.  Learn more about your EmoryCard.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at, and we will respond as quickly as possible. (As of 01/04/2021)


I am a new, first-year student, but I am not living on campus, will I get an EmoryCard?

Welcome to Emory!  The EmoryCard team is currently offering physically distanced services by appointment only.  If you will be taking on-campus courses, please follow the steps as outlined below in order to obtain your official Emory University identification card.


STEP 1: Upload your photo along with an image of your government issued photo identification.

NOTE: Photos must be in a .jpg file format and should be similar to a standard US passport photo. Selfies in front of a blank white wall are acceptable. There should be no other plants, objects, or persons in the photo, and no sunglasses or hats should be worn.

STEP 2: Complete the Student EmoryCard Request Form. 

STEP 3: Schedule an appointment to pick-up your EmoryCard 

 At the time of your appointment, the EmoryCard Team will assist you at the Cashier’s Office Window located on the first floor of the Boisfeuillet Jones Building at 200 Dowman Drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not completed the steps as outlined above OR you have not been cleared to return to campus your appointment will be cancelled.

 If you will not be taking in-person courses, we anticipate that you will not receive an EmoryCard until you begin attending on-campus courses.  (As of 01/04/2021)


I am a returning student and I lost my EmoryCard, how do I obtain a replacement?

Welcome Back!  Sorry to hear that you lost track of your EmoryCard!  Our team is currently offering physically distanced services by appointment only; please follow the steps as outlined below in order to obtain your replacement EmoryCard.


STEP 1: Complete the Student EmoryCard Request Form.

NOTE: You will be asked to authorize payment for the replacement card with a charge to your OPUS account or Eagle Dollars.  Learn more about uploading Eagle Dollars.

STEP 2: Schedule an appointment to pick-up your EmoryCard 

At the time of your appointment, the EmoryCard Team will assist you at the Cashier’s Office Window located on the first floor of the Boisfeuillet Jones Building at 200 Dowman Drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not completed the steps as outlined above OR you have not been cleared to return to campus your appointment will be cancelled. (As of 01/04/2020)

Shuttle Service

Emory University Parking and Transportation Services operate a shuttle bus service between major buildings, parking areas, and residential centers. Contact Parking and Transportation Services at 404.727.1829 for their shuttle routes and hours of operation, or visit their website at (insert hyperlink, These routes are also available through the Rider App. Shuttles are available to students seeking to go from main campus to Clairmont Campus, or other locations around Atlanta. Around the holiday breaks, shuttles to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport are also available. Emory also provides Experience Shuttles. These are shuttles that go to exciting places around Atlanta, and destinations vary each year. Click here for more information regarding Emory Shuttles and Emory Experience Shuttles


Several MARTA bus routes pass Emory’s campus on a daily basis. Many bus routes will take riders to MARTA train stations, where access to many popular areas of Atlanta is available. For more information on MARTA transportation, including how to get bus tickets or bus passes, visit MARTA’s website.


Biking and other methods of alternative transportation are encouraged at Emory. If you choose to bring a bike to campus, bike racks are located near every residence hall on campus. For more information, visit Biking at Emory


First-year students are not permitted to have cars on campus at Emory. Parking is available to upper-class students and upper-class residents of University housing. Any car driven on Emory campuses at any time must be registered with the Parking and Transportation Services. All parking is managed by the Office of Parking and Transportation Services.   Students who intend to maintain and park a vehicle on campus shall be required to register the vehicle in accordance with and thereafter adhere to all policies and parking fees as outlined by the  Office of Parking and Transportation (404.727.PARK)

Some residence halls have designated parking areas, while residents of other halls may park in on-campus parking decks. The following residence halls have designated parking areas, in which only residents of the hall may park.

  • Clairmont Campus Apartments: Non-Clairmont residents who wish to visit Clairmont residents or utilize the Student Activity and Academic Center (SAAC) are encouraged to shuttle over from main campus (utilizing the C Route or The Loop from Woodruff Circle). Visitors can park for free in the Starvine Parking Deck on weekdays after 4:00 PM (until 6:00 AM) and on weekends. Shuttle transportation is available for all Emory students and employees.
  • Clifton Tower
  • Woodruff Residential Center
  • Select fraternity houses and sorority lodges

Car Registration and Driver's License Information 

For Information on Car Registration, visit Georgia MVR

For Information on Driver's License Information, visit Georgia DDS

The Housing Operations and Residence Life staff recommends that all bicycle users registers their bikes with the Emory Police Department. Register your bike through the Operation ID Program by clicking here.  

Emory Police Department (EPD) - SafeRide

Now you can use TransLoc's OnDemand feature for the overnight SafeRide shuttle service. The system allow you to reserve a ride from the safety of your dorm room, office, library, etc., and will provide real-time vehicle tracking. You'll receive an alert when the bus is 3-5 minutes away from picking you up.

SafeRide users will still be able to utilize the service by contacting the TPS dispatch by phone (404.727.7555)for shuttle service and walking escorts.  No matter how you use it, the ultimate goal of the SafeRide service is to connect you safely to your final destination on Emory University’s campus.

If you are traveling on campus after dark, you should always do so in groups of two or more people.  If you need to walk alone and want an escort, you should call for a SafeRide escort.

TPS and the Emory Police Department provide SafeRide service for employees and students. The program provides a safe escort to an employee or student who feels unsafe travelling to areas of campus that are not directly served by shuttle service or for those times when the shuttle service is not in operation.

The SafeRide may be a shuttle, golf cart, vehicle or walking escort to your destination. SafeRide operates from 9:00PM – 5:00AM. Latenight shuttle Thursday-Sunday from 11:00PM to 3:00AM.

To request SafeRide, use the On Demand feature in TransLoc's Rider app, or call 404.727.7555.


Emergency “Blue-Light” Phones

Blue-Light Phones are located throughout the entire Emory University campus that provide a direct connection to the EPD Communications Center, staffed 24-hours-a-day. These phones link directly to Emory Police where the caller can report an emergency or request a security escort. Simply pick up the handset or press the “call” button and you will be connected to a 9-1-1 operator. Remember – help is just a call away!


The Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR) serves as the center for Emory enterprise-wide planning for and coordinated response to catastrophic events affecting Emory and the broader community. Emory CEPAR is recognized locally, nationally and globally as a leader in sustainable community disaster resilience. Please see useful materials from CEPAR below. 

"Just In Time" A Guide to Campus Emergencies 

Student Preparedness Checklist