*As a reminder rising 3rd or 4th year students are not guaranteed housing and are not required to live on campus.


Important Dates

Wednesday, 1/25 - Housing Application Available for Rising Second, Third and Fourth-Year Students

Wednesday, 2/1 - Thursday, 2/17 - Same Room Reservation Begins for eligible Clairmont and Theme Housing Residents*

Thursday, 2/2 (7:00 PM) - Information Session for Rising Third- and Fourth-Year Students (Zoom Link Can be Found on Their MyHousing Page)

Tuesday, 2/7 (1:15-2:30 PM) - Atlanta Housing at Oxford for "Take a Break Tuesday" Event

Tuesday, 2/7 (6:00-10:00 PM) - Clairmont Campus Residence Tour for Rising Third-Year Oxford Students Clairmont Open House RSVP

Wednesday, 2/8 (7:00 PM) - Information Session for Rising Third- and Fourth-Year Students (Zoom Link Can be Found on Their MyHousing Page)

Thursday, 2/16 (1:15-2:30 PM) -  Atlanta Housing at Oxford for "ATL Bound" Event

Saturday, 2/18 (12:00-6:00 PM) - Clairmont Campus Residence Tour for Rising Third-Year Oxford Students Clairmont Open House RSVP

Monday, 2/20 (11:59 PM) - Housing Application Deadline for Rising Third- and Fourth-Year Students to Participate in Housing Selection

Monday, 2/27 - Wednesday, 3/1 - Rising Third- and Fourth-Year Housing Selection Begins for Eligible Students

Friday, 5/5 (12:00 PM) - Move Out for Residents Not Participating in Commencement

Tuesday, 5/9 (2:00 PM) - Move Out for Residents Participating in Commencement

Sunday, 8/20 - Student Move In (Including Oxford Graduates and All Returning Second-, Third-, and Fourth-Years)

*-Residents will be notified by Housing Operations if they are eligible to participate. 

Third & Fourth Year Housing Selection Overview 

Securing your assignment for the 2023-2024 academic year takes a few easy steps.

  • Complete the 2023-24 Housing Agreement located on your MyHousing page by the February 20, 2023 deadline. You’ll need to be an active student in order to see the application. Can’t see it? Reach out to us at housing@emory.edu.  

    1. Are you interested in a theme housing community? Their timelines are slightly different. Check out our theme page here for more information.

    2. Are you planning on living in your fraternity house or sorority lodge? Their timelines are slightly different. Check out our website for more information.

  • Complete any roommate matching you wish to complete.

  • If you are interested in reserving your same exact room for next year, you’ll complete that process between February 1 – February 17, 2023 on your MyHousing page.

  • On February 23, 2023, you’ll receive your housing selection timeslot. This is your time to select your room on the Clairmont Campus.

  • At your designated selection time (between February 27-March 1), login to MyHousing and select your room.

For students who have received a designated selection time, please view this step by step guide that further explains what to expect during the selection process. 

Third & Fourth Year Housing Application 

If you sign an on-campus housing application, you are able to cancel with no penalty prior to receiving a housing assignment.

Once you select a housing assignment via housing selection, via being "pulled in" to an apartment by a matched roommate, or via the housing office assigning you to an available space as a result of a completed housing application on file, you are bound to the terms of the housing agreement and there are financial penalties for requesting to be released from your housing agreement.

Third & Fourth Year Roommate Matching

If you are interested in searching for or matching with a roommate you must complete the housing application on your MyHousing page first. Students will not appear in roommate search if they have not completed the housing application.

Please make sure you are selecting the “Fall 2023” term from the drop-down box when searching for a roommate. 

room matching picture

Here is a short video on How to Complete Roommate Matching in THD. 


For more information, please email us at housing@emory.edu 

Third & Fourth Year Residence Halls

To see more information about the residence halls available to you as a rising upperclassmen student, please click on the "Housing Options" tab, then "Residence Halls" and then "Third & Fourth Year." You may also use the link below to view all the options for Housing.

Housing Options Available to Third & Fourth Students

Housing Selection

Selection times are randomly assigned and are not based on the date your application is received. Make sure you complete the application by the respective deadline.

If you are eligible for same room reservation you may complete it at any time the process is open.

Apply for Housing Online

Same Room Reservation

If you currently live at the CRC or URC and are eligible for same room reservation, you already received an email from our office explaining the process. Same Room Reservation will take place on your MyHousing portal from February 1 – February 17. You must complete your housing application in order to participate in Same Room Reservation.

Please see the document below for a walkthrough of third- and fourth-year same room reservation at Clairmont.

How To - Third- and Fourth-Year Same Room Reservation at Clairmont.pdf 

If you have more questions please contact us.

Theme Communities

Are you interested in living in a theme community? Please read more about the theme communities available for the 2023-2024 academic year by visiting the webpage here

Current spring 2023 residents who are eligible to renew their same room reservations for the 2023-24 academic year may do so on their MyHousing page from February 1 - February 13. For more information, please click here

Planning to Study Abroad? 

Students who are studying abroad during the Spring 2024 semester are able to cancel their housing agreement with no penalty. If you are living in an apartment with another student prior to going abroad please be aware that Housing Operations may assign another student to this vacancy for the spring 2024 semester.  


More information coming soon as we get closer to housing selection.