While Incoming First Year Students are not able to select their desired building during the application process, they are able to indicate their room type preferences. All residence hall buildings are co-ed; both male and female students live in the building.

  • Single Gender Floor: Residents on the entire floor are of the same gender.

  • Mixed Gender Floor: Both male and female students live on the same floor. Community style restrooms are separated by gender. 

 roomie flyer

Housing For Third- And Fourth-Year Students Is Not Required or Guaranteed

As a current or incoming student at Emory, where you live will have a great impact on your academic success, involvement in University life, and the relationships you develop while you are at Emory. The Clairmont Campus is the ideal community for upperclass residents because it allows students to live in a community of students and staff. You can interact in an academic environment without giving up the autonomy that an apartment affords. Further support is provided to students by the Clairmont Campus Service Center.